The design here described is in my opinion the example of an excellent outcome as the result of a perfect cooperation between property, architect and interior designer.

The brief was the renovation of an amazing glazing penthouse and its private roof terrace in the heart of bustling Tel Aviv. The building was built around 40 years ago and it is the highest in this neighbourhood so that from the penthouse we can enjoy undisturbed sights on the city and towards the sea.

The architectural design was commissioned to the well known local architect Pitsou Kedem, whose work has pointed out the continuity of the interior space and of the curve glazing wall, gathering the services (bathrooms, closets and deposits) in the inner parts of the flat and removing the rooms divisions with the use of sliding pocket doors. The columns placed along the glazed wall have been covered with mirrors reflecting the town landscape and enhancing the visual continuity.

A new monolithic painted metal revolving stair leads to the roof terrace that is divided in a living area and a pool from which a breathtaking view can be enjoyed.

This design intentionally acquires a refined understatement character to let the visitor be attracted by the view of the city and by the interior design single elements selected by the New York based office Moos & Co.

Their work, while supporting the architectonic one, is based upon few strongly iconic items, most of which have been conceived specifically for this project through the work of designers, art galleries and artisans.

Distinguishing feature of Moos & Co. designs, as result of peculiar sensivity and art galleries world knowledge, is their talent to establish a dialogue between daily life spaces and amazing artworks: in this case the georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze work “Man and Woman”, made up by two plexiglas plates revolving human figures interprenetrating during their movement.

This artwork is placed in front of the living area entrance door and stands out against the Tel Aviv urban landscape: it is the main character in this apartment area where you can find the island kitchen by Bulthaup, the leather dressed Moroso Rift sofa, the round dining table, designed by Berlin based Gisbert Poppler office, lighted up by the Michael Anastassiades chandelier and surrounded by Vincenzo De Cootis dining chairs.

A huge wood sliding pocket door allows to enter a more private area of the flat, hosting the office and the master bedroom: this two spaces are separated by a central partition wall hosting a fireplace.

In these rooms the furniture style is softer and identified by warm colour leather upholsteries by Baxter, Poltrona Frau and Cassina.

The outdoor central patio hosts the stair leading to the roof terrace, that is divided in two different areas: the living/dining with furniture by Paola Lenti and by Made a Mano lavastone dining table and the amazing scenic pool area furnished again by Paola Lenti and with the corian sunbeds by Viteo.

Madu design contribution to this project consisted mainly in the supply management: I had to organize the relationship with many different suppliers (the orders concerned not only furniture but also small use objects such as sheets, dishes, glasses, vases, pots) all around the world, arrange four different shipments to arrive at the same time in Tel Aviv for a single day delivery to the apartment using the building roof based crane and, fnally,  the furniture installation carried out by local staff. It was a really hard work but rewarded by an outstanding result.