I am a Florence based architect and my professional practice is specialized in interior design: I mostly work on building renovation in which I use to highlight my design through a direct comparison of preexistence and contemporary addition.

Since the high school period I have been involved in the contemporary design world, attending every year the Milan Design Week (the most important happening for the design world) encouraging my passion for interior design. I had the great chance to cooperate for many years with International Design that was one of the most important spot in central Italy regarding industrial design innovation. This cooperation gave me the opportunity of a constant updating activity and allowed me to concretely face the whole creative process: from the first meetings with the customers during which they could explain their dreams and needs, to the first design sketches, the furniture elements choice, the works arrangement and the final furniture installation.


Martino Duni

This working way was particularly important since it allowed me to check directly and tangibly the relationship between design and realization like an endless contamination of ideas and technical needs.

As cooperator and partner at International Design, I could get in touch with the best known companies of furniture industrial design, take part as guest to their refresher courses and special exhibitions and I also could establish a close relationship with sales manager and agents, designers and main dealers.

My professional path and the experience gained through years of the “Italian design furniture” enable me to offer an original multiskill business role who can lead you into your project realization.