I approached the interior design world, thanks to my father Puccio passion, in the first half of the 80’s: I remember my first visit to the “Salone del Mobile” in 1985, when it was held in the Milan early September suffocating heat, during the school vacations. It was a very different fair from the one we attend now, marked out by a smaller number of international guests and with no “Fuori Salone” events.

Probably, to my eyes,  the most attracting brand of that period was Baleri , with an amazing collection and a remarkable designers team, including Hollein and Wettstein, Dalisi and (obviously) Baleri and the young Philippe Starck, that I had the chance to know and appreciate the year before in an exhibition held in my father’s showroom in Florence.

These memories come back to my mind as I keep reading “Giuro” a pleasant “memoires” made up by a not-to-be missed tales collection for design lovers, written by  Enrico Baleri, a real champion in the Italian design world. In this book he shares his memories with us and it is interesting to read a designer/businessman facing his readers to highlight a series of events that affected the design market  in the last decades.

Baleri, star of this field for 50 years, has a lot of stories to tell, from the 60’s to our days including the first steps of Philippe Starck career who, in 1984, as a perfect stranger, could start with Baleri brand the production of an astonishing collection that shocked so much the design furniture field that since then he became the most sought-after designer by the majority of  important italian companies (with the commercial success we all know).

The most important Italian design characters find a place in this first volume (he promised to write further episodes and we can’t wait for that) and Enrico’s credit is to introduce us to their day-to-day life with their habits, qualities and flaws giving them an unknown human depth.

The design books we usually read presume to explain what is design but few of them have success; Enrico with his tales make us love it, as he did 30 years ago with his products. This is the difference!