Design Requirement Analysis

Consultancy service begins with an interior space analysis aiming to make customers aware of different design and products options.

My approach to project definition is specifically oriented by interior design: this enables me to give a preliminary technical advice helping the customer to outline a “master plan” concerning his building possible development. The resulting project can be divided into several steps according to the customer’s needs, both planning or economical.

This plan involves both building’s interior and exterior spaces and customer’s needs and desires analysis, resulting in a personal available spaces edition.

The carried out analisys, together with the design path sketched and the adopted tools will result in a exclusive mix blending:

·       the timeless elegance descending from my cultural education and professional activity: since my childhood I have lived surrounded by design: my father (recently awarded of “ADI Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera”) has always worked in this area and he passed down to me his interest. The houses I lived in were packed with design objects, I could read a lot of magazines and meet people linked to design furniture world: all of this stimulated my interest and passion in design and lately in my professional practice it has turned into developing my projects with great attention to furniture layout and options;

·        the best italian designers work experiences sharing, both through temporary cooperation and attending lessons or conference and studying books or magazines;

·       the contextuality to contemporary tendencies according to constant upgrade activity, particularly taking part to this area events (first of all the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan) and to refreshment courses arranged by producing companies;

·       shape and materials innovation as per interior design italian typical approach.

This attitude will make any solution unique and exclusive , customized up to detail scale: no project is too  small or too large but each one is carefully taken into account.

My consult may include beyond the furniture choice and layout, considered as design focus, possible change in the building structure, exclusive and high quality building materials indication and singular lighting solutions.