Finding products

The Design Broker core activity is by far finding the proper products required both by the developed project and by the customers expressed wishes: as Design Broker I will offer the vast experience I gained in many working years in the high quality furniture brands production and distribution to any customer, Italian design furniture lover, wishing to provide his building both with design best brands products and noname high quality brands, saving money and receiving a high quality service.

Madudesign job includes:

  • preliminary advice based on building analisys and on customer’s wishes;
  • (most) original interior design suggestion provided by constant upgrade activity regarding home, office and community furniture as well as lighting solutions;
  • Any product best price/quality ratio and delivery timeframe production and supply chains selection;
  • Direct contact with customers allowing them to constantly oversee the commission handling;
  • Specific attention to shipping operation details for the safest possible delivery of your furniture;
  • Delivery, assembly and post sale service.

The madudesign service plus:

  • Finding in Italy the best offer both economical, high quality and reliability of producer and courier
  • Verifiable outstanding savings with possible access to “trade-only resources”prices or to Italian furniture wholesale;
  • The assurance that purchased products are “Italian made”, have been realized on your commission purpose and keeps the “Italian design furniture” high quality standards;
  • Having a contact person managing every step of your commission;
  • No further cost, madudesign service is included in purchased products price.

Operating modes

  • The customer will send a list of required products: It can include furniture for different locations (large or small spaces, home or office, bedroom or living room, sofas or tables or chairs) and different materials as well (tiles, frames, lights). You can ask for a specific item that you particularly like or leave me the chance to offer different options;
  • On that list I will draw up a first quotation with possible delivery time. This quotation will be submitted to the customer and then reworked according to his remarks;
  • Once the commission is set I will give the shipping quotation, that is usually based on the load total weight and volume;
  • The commission is confirmed with a deposit wire of 40% total furniture amount. The production of selected items will start once the deposit is received;
  • Within 10 days I will report the estimate products delivery in Florence;
  • Unless differently stated the purchased furniture, when ready, will be stored in a warehouse under my responsibility and without any further cost. Once the commission is ready for shipment I will ask a supply balance wire;
  • Shipping companies selected have operating offices all over the world, so they can safely manage the goods home delivery and assembly.

This supply organizational structure enables me to carely manage complex commissions submitted to many different companies of design furniture, building materials as well as vintage products shops.