Post sale assistance

The design broker task has not its end with the delivery of purchased goods but may go on with post-sale service that is a very important stage to check the accuracy of the carried out work and the possible need to integrate the supply, even in a long time.

The consulting process provides for a high efficiency level paying attention to the offered services: The utmost attention is paid to every detail of the design, all the selected providers have a product quality control, the delivery process is managed with great care. However it might happen that delivered goods show any faults and that they have to be replaced. In this unlucky case my office will provide for the faster possible service in order not to create further inconveniences to the customer.

Madudesign job includes:

  • Constant attention to possible customers queries and complaints;
  • Goods delivery feedback both from customers and shipping companies;
  • Any product showing faults or found in damaged conditions will be replaced as soon as possible;
  • Goods accident report to insurance company and resulting damaged furniture process;
  • Supply addition consult, spare parts and optionals finding.

The madudesign service plus:

  • Fast and clear information service regarding the commission state: any possible change in design definition and in delivery terms will be agreed with the customer that will be promptly kept informed;
  • Fast and certain insurance process management with damaged goods replacement;
  • Spare parts finding even in a long time with no mistake opportunity;
  • Stylish continuity for possible future design additions;
  • No further cost, madudesign service is included in purchased products price.

Operating modes

  • close relationship with customer during delivery to be promptly informed of any possible occurring problem. It will be essential that customers attend the goods delivery to be able to file a claim for potential goods damages;
  • in the unlucky case of goods damage I will report it to the insurance company. At the same time replacement goods production will start;
  • in the course of time customers might need a design update or a supply addition; madudesign is able both for new possible design consult and for a supply addition with new items or spare parts (i.e. new sofa dressing or new pillows….).