Finding vintage products

In the last years vintage products market has undergone a real boom in every field; in particular, concerning furniture area, the interior design trends recurrent turnover, the design history concept as a continuous developmental process and the celebration of specific items or products conceived by famous designers as must-have contemporary furniture symbols, changed the second-hand furniture market to a reference in interior design definition.

This area market is particularly roaring in Italy and through a constant monitoring activity it may be possible to find rare vintage products; infact in the 60’s/70’s, the design furniture market golden age, this was directed especially to the interior Italian market both for reasons of distance proximity and attitude towards experimental design sharing. Products designed by Masters such as Ettore Sottsass, Vico Magistretti, Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Giancarlo Piretti (and many others) produced for short periods due to commercial failures by pioneristic companies such as Arflex, Poltronova (and many others) have now turned into real design icons and the majority of them is available in Italy.

Madudesign job includes:

  • preliminary advice based on building analisys and on customer’s wishes;
  • constant supervision of vintage market objects availability;
  • professional survey regarding the selected object authenticity and price
  • having a contact person managing every step of your commission;
  • specific attention to shipping operation details for the safest possible delivery of your furniture;
  • Delivery, assembly and post sale service.

The madudesign service plus:

  • avoiding possible fakes and checking the real preservation status of the selected objects through in person supervision;
  • verifiable outstanding savings
  • having a contact person managing every step of your commission;
  • custom made crate supervision;
  • no further cost, madudesign service is included in purchased products price.

Operating modes

  • The customer will send a list of required Italian vintage furniture products: I will sound out the availability and possible price in the second hand furniture market;
  • On that list I will draw up a first quotation with possible delivery time. This quotation will be submitted to the customer and then reworked according to his remarks;
  • Once the commission is set I will give the furniture packaging and shipping quotation, this last one being usually based on boxes total weight and volume;
  • The commission is confirmed with a deposit wire of 40% total furniture amount.
  • Within 10 days I will report the estimate products delivery in Florence;
  • Unless differently stated the purchased material, when ready, will be stored in a warehouse under my responsibility and without any further cost. Once the commission is ready for shipment I will ask a supply balance wire;
  • Shipping companies selected have operating offices all over the world, so they can safely manage the goods home delivery and assembly.

This supply organizational structure enables me to carely manage complex commissions submitted to many different companies of design furniture, building materials as well as vintage products shops.