During last year’s late Autumn I went to Israel to manage the delivery and installation of a large furniture supply based upon the interior design by Moos & Co.

The house is built on an amazing cliff overlooking the beautiful Herzliya beach: the architectural design conceived the building as a simple volume (two floors plus one underground) in white plastered concrete and glass. The interior spaces distribution is intended to highlight the context favouring the views towards the sea and the continuity of interior and exterior spaces.

On the ground floor, accessibile through the pool area, the furniture selection recommended low elements not stopping the views to the outside nor contrasting with the amazing artworks selected by Moos & Co. among which I would point out the steel base table by Patrick Fredrikson and Ian Stallard, the “library art” by Claudio Parmeggiani and three stonewares by Johan Creten.

The uphoslstered elements by Henge, Baxter and Moroso as well as the leather chairs by Poltrona Frau act as simple functional objects.

A concrete partition divides the living area from the kitchen manufactured by Boffi, that is planned on two central resin-covered counters and two corian built closets with folding doors completely hiding the interior.

A narrow exposed concrete staircase, centrally placed and sky-lit connects the house three floors.


The first floor staircase area is really charming: turning back to the sea direction one can see, in the same view, the quoted dining table on the ground floor, the “Narrow Paradelle Chair” by Ron Arad on the first floor and on the back, as unifying element, the deep blue of sea and sky.

The seaside front of the house is completely glazed and is reserved to the master bedroom with walk in closet and ensuite bathroom: as on the ground floor the design furniture is acting as functional element because the charming seaview completely grabs the eye.

The three fronts left, where the other three bedrooms stand, does not look as open as the seaside one being realized by a succession of solids and voids: the interior space is undivided and flowing, the rooms are divided, when needed, not by doors but with large sliding wall hidden panels. The supplied furniture (beds by Flou and Bonaldo, upholstery by Cassina and Arflex, desk chairs by Vitra) together with the oakwood floor and more artworks (desk and dresser by Francois Bauchet and the well known tabletennis racket shaped mirror by Jaime Hayon) give these rooms a very original look.

Having said that  the basement includes a spa, a gym, a large closet, a laundry and a technical room, I have to tell about the outdoor spaces furniture.

The architectural design, in order to stress the interior view towards the sea, has moved the pool area in the space left from the wall along the street and the house.  Differently than expected this area has a very cosy character: the well balanceded pool size, the dark grey basalt stone floor unifying interior and exterior of the house and contrasting with the white of walls plaster, ten lovely olive trees acting as screen and the “mediterranean” look of the furniture elements by Paola Lenti, Desalto and Vondom make this area special, changing it from path to the building into a real relax space.

The presence on site gave me the chance to check the delivery outcome and manage the 40’ container unloading, the furniture and artworks installation, giving the customer a full and qualified service.