Design Brokerage

The “made in Italy” brand is widely known as synonymous of “Aesthetics”, “Beauty”, “Wellness”, “Luxury”, “Passion”, and is commonly associated with “Fashion”, “Food”, “Furniture” (the three Fs). Furniture, in particular, is characterized by many small companies, often little more than crafts workshops, which combine the designer’s and the artisan’s skills. Only a few of them succeed in achieving a larger dimension and thus reach the international market, contributing to the success of the “Italian design” brand all over the world.

In the course of my long professional career I was able to gain first-hand experience of the “Italian design furniture” production and supply chains as well as to keep it constantly up to date. I am therefore uniquely qualified to “provide” an original, multi-skill as well as multi-sector service. MADU Design mission is to guide you throughout the realization of your project, offering top-level connoisseurship and assistance, while also giving you the opportunity to purchase fabulous luxury furniture brands at a substantial discount.

MADU design is an “interior design broker” firm created to give clients full professional services for their projects (residential, commercial or hospitality). It builds on my “made in Italy” taste and knowledge, passion for design, on my project management skills as well as on my experience in finding the most cost-effective solutions for the needs of each individual customer.

MADU services are designed for both professionals (architects or interior designers) and for design-lovers willing to customize their project with iconic items of contemporary design or high-quality, made in Italy products.

I have a long-time experience in this sector, and I feel really proud to help promote Italian products supplying customers all over the world: these are your best guarantees.

Madudesign takes good care of each individual customer throughout the following steps:

  • Design requirement analysis:
    discussion and analysis of customers’ needs, dreams and desires, checkup of the building’s (or apartment’s) spaces, formulation of preliminary advice about building materials, interior design and lighting solutions;
  • Finding right products:
    identification of the most appropriate Italian-made furniture and lighting products at the best price/quality ratio
  • Custom made products design:
    design of unique, custom-made furniture pieces, selection of materials and colors, identification of the makers offering the best price/quality ratio;
  • Finding building materials:
    selection of construction materials for your projects (floors, external and internal frames, bathroom fixtures…), identification of the retailers offering the best price/quality ratio;
  • Finding vintage products:
    constant monitoring of the second-hand market in order to locate authentic, mint-conditions vintage products appropriate to each customer;
  • Project management:
    final project design and realization by due delivery dates, in full compliance with budget limits and quality standards;
  • Delivery:
    including the purchased material collection in the selected delivery company deposit, boxes safety and suitability check, export paperworks draft, goods loading attendace, shipping supervision and home delivery and assembly arrangement;
  • Post sale:
    including delivery process check and potential problem solution, remote advice for a possible supply completion.